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Smile, it’s the melody of your soul. Hi and Smiling morning to you all and we at  Amar Photography just love to create your memories through your beautiful smile. We are your smile and memory creators and our unique memory creating studio is located at Bangalore.

We are a creative and hardworking team of Photographers and Videographers and we always strive hard to create your invaluable and long lasting memories which can be cherished all through your life.

We are one of the best Indoor studios in Bangalore and we are known for our creativity. Our quality of photography has been growing exponentially from past few years which resulted in us getting many awards and we have captured some amazing moments and created the best memories for all our clients.

We focus majorly on the amazing services, the product excellence and the latest unique artistry we bring out in the industry. We are not just the traditional photographers but we believe in adding fun and entertainment in all the events we do and capture the true emotions which can create best memories out of it. The major strategies we follow in all our shoots are creativity and making sure families will have fun with some unique and funny poses.

We believe in making photography an art which touches every one’s heart. With us you can have lot of fun and entertainment during your shoots and we always bring your true emotions out in our own creative and comfortable way.


We provide our clients outstanding services and we have been recognized for our incredible services. Satisfying our clients with our services is our priority.

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